2, 10, 20 Minute Tidy’s

2, 10, 20 Minute Tidys

There is always a time when the clutter gets overwhelming. That’s when you call us. For those high-use areas that collect clutter daily or are a mess by the weekend, there’s a qwik, easy maintenance method to clear the clutter in a fun effective way. “2! 10! 20! TIDY!” I call it the 10 minute tidy (you can use 2, 10 or 20 depending on the size of the mess and number/age of helpers you have). 2 minute tidys are great if your are getting ready to leave the house or friends are coming over, 10 minutes is great right before dinner and 20 minutes are surprisingly effective when there is a lot of unappealing work to do, but if everyone pitches in, clutter is no match!

The gist is to motivate everyone involved to be dedicated to tidying and nothing else. Set a timer so everyone knows we’re going to focus on this for a certain amount of time and that’s it. After it’s over, we can continue our day and do something fun (cause who wants to spend all day cleaning anyway?). You can make it fun with some music or singing. Give age appropriate chores or assign small jobs to little ones. For example, 3 year olds can pick up all the stuffed animals in the living room and take them to the bedroom, 5 year olds can pick up all the crayons and coloring books, stack them neatly in their place and wipe off the table. Ages 7 and up can have bigger chores like emptying the garbage and relining, running the vacuum in one room or dusting. When the grumbling opposition undoubtedly comes up, a gentle reminder that everyone who lives in a house is responsible to take good care for the home so it a nice place to live. Everyone can benefit from just a little job!


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