Happy New Year!

With the end of the holiday season and the start of a new year, it’s a great opportunity to start fresh with your seasonal decoration storage.  Storage of holiday decorations plays an important role in how we think about decorating and also how motivated  we are to decorate and finish the unpleasant task of taking down all the holiday decorations.

I face the same struggles after the Christmas season:  taking down ALL those decorations (including the tree), packing them up, labeling everything, putting it up in storage and finally doing a BIG clean to get the house back to “normal”.  I really dislike having to take down the Christmas lights and pack those up (until the Lair!!!) just because I love to see Christmas lights everywhere: it might be my favorite part of the season!  Despite this, I don’t want a letter from my HOA nor questions about why I still have December decorations out in late March.  So: tidying up the holiday decor here we go!

For me in this year, everything was sort of jumbled around after my summer move (yes, moving to Las Vegas in the summer was miserable) and all my boxes were really falling apart.  So to get me totally excited about packing up Christmas stuff I went to get some *new* bins!  I found some great red & green 20160115_134705Rubbermaid 66qt. tubs at Lowes for $3.88!!! I couldn’t resist so I got 5.   I figured this should hold ALL my Christmas things and I could get rid of those awful huge tree bags and big boxes I had.  I realized as I was struggling with those huge bags and boxes it was totally pointless to have all this stuff if I can’t even move it.  I keep all my holiday and seasonal decor in my attic so these bins will be easy to travel up and down the ladder.


Packing up into new bins was a breeze.  Everything went in like a dream.  Being a minimalist and environmentalist, I used my garland as padding/wrapping for my christmas balls and got rid of all the ball packaging.  I also layered my placemats, napkins and towels into the bins to add some extra cushioning.  For the figurines and houses and other knick-knack displays I wrapped those in all the “snow” that goes out with them (white batting) so I could toss those boxes as well.  Why am I keeping all these boxes?  they don’t work and its always a pain to get everything back in.  So away they went.

I made a little “Map” for each bin to show how the items fit in if they were kinda “Tetris-ed” in there, and taped it to the inside of the lid.  I wrote on the outside what the contents are with dry-erase marker (it cleans off more easily than Sharpie if you need to relabel), and up they went!


20160115_135003This is my attic storage for all my Christmas items now!!! It looks SO much better!  I love how the bins fit easily between the rafters and they stack so nicely as well!  I also distributed the heavier items throughout the 5 bins so I can easily carry one down the ladder!
So it’s done!  All things Christmas are put away for simple identification for next year.  Now for that big clean!

Happy Tidying!

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