The Benefit of Bins

I love bins.

I think along with hats and handbags I have a certain weakness for bins.  I just love how you can pick out something pretty and make if functional while having the flexibility to change it out later if you want!  They are so fun!


Right now JoAnn’s is having a 50% off sale on most of their bins, baskets and other decor storage.  Look at all those great baskets just waiting to hold all your sorted things and display them so nicely!  Personally I’m a big fan of open baskets on a shelf that is just high enough to capacitate them, so the baskets can act like drawers you can re-arrange or pull off the shelf easily.  It also limits what you can put into them so they aren’t overflowing and looking un-tidy.  I eve


These are the hard-sided fabric bins I have on my *new* laundry room shelves.  I got them at Ross for under $6!!! That’s a steal to me!  I really like them because they come in fun, bright colors and the patterns are slightly different (I’m not toooo matchy-matchy).  They also have a well-built handle and bottom construction.


I even use open bins under my bathroom sinks if I’m not committed to shelves or pull-out trays.  They really keep things in line under the sink where so many unused products can hide and you can easily pull them out to get what you need.  I also like the fact that I can “clean out a drawer” slash a bin in front of the TV if I need to!

20151230_15321720160114_082702   The open bin concept totally helps in play rooms for toys as well.  The bigger, the better!  Whether they are the soft sided bins (for easy collapsing and storage) like the green bin on the left, or hard tubs like the pink ones in the picture on the right, big bins do wonders for playrooms and children’s rooms.  Kids are capable of picking up toys and if you keep it simple as “all the blocks go in this bin, all the puzzles in this bin and all the cars in this bin, etc” they can do it in a flash.  It also makes for easy play for them:  just taking out one bin of toys at a time.


So I love bins.  They are fun and functional and can be moved around to how you see fit!

Happy tidying!

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