Tree Sweater

During my days at UCDavis (go Ags!) I remember walking downtown and seeing the cutest idea that has stuck with me for years:  someone had made a trunk sweater for a few of the trees that lined the downtown sidewalks!  I loved the idea for its beauty aspect and untraceable creator aspect as well!

Tree SweaterSo finally I have had the time, materials and opportunity to do this myself.  I started by gathering all my scrap yarn:  which I realized was a lot more than I thought when I finally got all my yarn together.  A pattern really isn’t necessary since you are just adding together pieces of scrap and completing a rectangular piece that in width is the diameter of your tree.  (Think the width of you piece is the same as making a circle around the thickest part of the trunk.  Then height is how tall up the tree you want it to be).  I just did a few rows a night and in … a week?  My sweater was ready!!!  I love it!  It turned out so super cute and now our tree is toasty warm for winter.

Happy crocheting!


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