Happy New Year!

With the end of the holiday season and the start of a new year, it’s a great opportunity to start fresh with your seasonal decoration storage.  Storage of holiday decorations plays an important role in how we think about decorating and also how motivated  we are to decorate and finish the unpleasant task of taking down … [Read more…]

Cord Management

In this age of electronics, almost everything we have needs to be plugged and therefore has a cord. So what to do with all those cords when they overrun an area and become an anxious mess??? Separate, label and return in an orderly fashion… ORGANIZE them! In order to clear up the area, especially for … [Read more…]

2, 10, 20 Minute Tidy’s

2, 10, 20 Minute Tidys There is always a time when the clutter gets overwhelming. That’s when you call us. For those high-use areas that collect clutter daily or are a mess by the weekend, there’s a qwik, easy maintenance method to clear the clutter in a fun effective way. “2! 10! 20! TIDY!” I … [Read more…]